MLB All-Star Break, 2009

July 16, 2009

In case you haven’t been keeping up yourself, I thought you might be interested to see how everyone is doing at the All-Star break.  By my calculations, using 3 points for an exactly correct prediction and 1 point for a correct play-off qualifier but in the wrong category, here are the standings:

Tony L. – 13 points (PHI, LAD, STL, LAA (3 pts.) NYY (1 pt.))

Pete H. - 13 points (LAD, BOS, LAA, NYY (3 pts.) PHI (1 pt.))

Jed M.  – 12 points (LAD, BOS, LAA, NYY)

Rocky W. -10 points (PHI, LAD, LAA (3 pts.) BOS (1 pt.))

Scott R.  – 10 points (LAD, BOS, LAA (3 pts) STL (1 pt.))

Tom M. - 7 points (LAD, LAA (3 pts)  NYY (1 pt.))

Leo G.   7 points (LAD, LAA (3pts) NYY (1 pt.))

Steve J.  7 points (LAD, LAA (3 pts)  NYY (1 pt.))

Marc  W. –  7 points (LAD, LAA (3 pts) PHI (1 pt.))

Interestingly, everyone would still have their WS champs alive, and most would still have both pennant winners alive.  Also, those who picked Pujols, Lincecum and Texiera for individual awards are looking pretty good.  But it is a long time until October….

FYI, my scoring system for the remaining rounds will be as follows:

pennant winner – 6 pts.

World Series winner – 12 pts.

individual awards – 10 pts each

Perfect score: 108 (fat chance)

Note that we didn’t pick the first round playoff winners because we won’t know the match-ups.