October 7, 2009

Okay! That play-off game between the Twins and Tigers was not only very exciting, it also had a major impact on our competition standings at the end of the regular season.  5 of us had picked the Twins to win the division, so their epic comeback – and the Tigers historic collapse – boosted several of us up in the standings.

Tony L.  stayed on top, as he was at the All-Star break, but he was joined there by Rocky W. thanks to the Twins’ miracle comeback.  Tony and Rocky both correctly picked 5 of the 8 play-off positions. Pretty Impressive. I’d be surprised if any professional sports reporters did any better (or even that well).

Steve, Leo and Tom M. correctly picked 4 teams, so they are not far behind.  However, all 3 of them picked NYY to win the Series, as did Tony. So they may be stuck behind him if that were to come true. (Of course, all right thinking people will be pulling for that not to happen).


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