Mid-Season Report

July 15, 2010

Well, it has been an interesting first half with the declaration of the return of the “Year of the Pitcher.”  There certainly are a bunch of good young pitchers who have put up amazing stats and single game performances (2, really 3, perfect games!), but we’ll never know how much of the pitching dominance is attributable to the “absence of the PED’s.”  Bautista’s 24 HR’s is the fewest to lead the league at the break since 1993.  Hmm, what new training method started about that time?

Anyway, there are lots of surprises in the division races with the current leaders of the 3 NL divisions and the AL Central having been a combined 40 games out at last year’s All-Star break!  Even so, our band of experts has nevertheless managed to make some accurate predictions and it is safe to say that everyone is still in the hunt.  Only 3 points separate all 9 participants. The scores are skewed a bit because LAD and COL are tied for the NL Wild Card spot. Therefore, 3 points were awarded to any of you who picked either team to be the wild card and one point was awarded if you picked either team to be the NL West champ (shockingly, no one picked SDG to be the NL West champ). Rocky, Tony and Marc all picked PHI to win the Series.  They’ll need a major turnaround to even make the playoffs.   The rest of you picked NYY (except for me – TBR), so we’re looking good. Question:  will God award the Boss one more WS Championship as his welcoming gift into Heaven? Or is that story behind “Damn Yankees” really true?  Something to ponder….