Apocalypse Soon?

October 25, 2010

Most of you know that I am a religious guy. I read the Bible regularly and have a more than passing interest in Eschatology (the study of last things, or end times). I thought I knew the signs to look for until the 2010 sports seasons introduced some potentially new, but compelling evidence that the end is near.

Just think about it:  the New Orleans Saints are reigning Super Bowl champions.  The Texas Rangers are in the World Series. The Baylor Bears have a ranked football team and Texas does not. If the LA Clippers reach the NBA finals next Spring, then I will definitely start planning for the end.  Who knew that the movie “2012” could be right on the timing but wrong on the cause?

This World Series certainly humbled us pundits.  No one earned any additional points through the LCS’s and, of course, won’t in the Series.  Only two of us (me and Pete H.) had either of the pennant winners (SFO) even making the play-offs.  Of course, none of us picked the Texas Strangers to be in the play-offs, let alone to defeat the Rays and Yankees and become the favorite to win the Series.  Strange times, indeed.  Signs of the Apocalypse?  Stay tuned.