Cooperstown and Rash Conclusions

April 1, 2011

Our firm leader Wade C. has joined the pool and has expressed his belief that Nolan Ryan will finally bury the losing culture in Arlington forever. (See attached updated spreadsheet).  The Texas Rangers World Series Champions?  Not nearly as far-fetched as it seemed only one year ago.  Welcome, Wade, and if your pick proves correct we will do our best to get you into Cooperstown.


1.    Albert Pujols can’t handle the pressure of his free agency year (first time in his career that he did not reach base on opening day and the first player in HISTORY to hit into 3 double plays on opening day.)  He’s on pace for 486 double plays!  Somewhere Tuffy Rhodes is smiling.

2.    That Phil Coke for Curtis Granderson trade was brilliant (at least for one day when Granderson took Coke deep for the game winner).

3.    Robert’s pick of Clayton Kershaw for Cy Young is a lock. (23 years old, his first Opening Day start, facing 2-time Cy Young winner the Freak on national TV and he throws 7 innings, giving up no runs, 4 hits and only 1 walk while striking out 9.  Just give him the Freakin’ trophy!

4.    The Padres will win the NL West just to torture Gus P. for bailing out on them at the last minute and changing his pick to COL (well, they did a good job of torturing the Cards yesterday, and the Cardinals only helped them. Pathetic baseball from a LaRussa team? He’s lost control of the team and has to be let go.)

5.    Don Mattingly will become the winningest manager in baseball history.


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