Two weeks to go in the hunt for October baseball

September 15, 2011

Well, the standings look a lot different today than they did at the All-Star break (as does our level of intelligence).  Not sure which is the biggest story at the moment:

1) collapse in Bean Town?

2) overdrive in MoTown!

3) miracle in the desert…

The next two weeks, or perhaps 6 weeks, will decide that question as well as which of us is the “expert.”  Unfortunately none of us looks as smart today as we did back in July.

While most teams have a dozen games left, it doesn’t look like many of the races will go down to the wire.  Maybe the final weekend series in Anaheim (3 with TEX) or the even the last 9 games for NYY (6 with TBR and BOS at home, then 3 at TBR), will provide some excitement, but if all races stay as they are today the leading point total would have dropped from 21 at the Break (see below for recap) to only 14:

Marc W. – 14 (MIL, PHI, ATL, DET, BOS (1), NYY(1)

Bill C.- 12 (PHI, TEX, NYY, BOS)

7 of us tied with 11 points

On the bright side, barring a TOTAL collapse in Bean Town (BOS has 6 games left with BAL!), all of us but one should have his WS champ in the playoffs (sorry, Robert, but the Cubbies will have to “wait till next year” for the 104th consecutive year).  The rest of us should stay tuned.