It ain’t over…

September 30, 2011


till it’s over.”  Never was Yogi more accurate than last night.  One strike left in the season? That was enough for Dan Johnson and the Rays.  One strike to go to escape making the worst kind of baseball history?  Still too many for these Red Sox.

Looking back on my observations below made just two weeks ago, I was clearly right in my predicted #1 storyline: Meltdown in Beantown.  However, if Detroit drives on to a pennant or the D-Backs create some Gibson-like post-season magic, we may soon forget that the reputed “best team ever” didn’t even make the playoffs.

I was only partly right in presuming that few of the races would go down to the wire.  There were only two, but they involved four games on 3 consecutive nights that we will all remember for a long, long time, especially the last night.

Now that we know all eight playoff teams, here are the standings for our panel of experts – certainly not great, but not terrible, either. Eight of us selected at least half the playoff teams, but predicting where they would finish proved a bit elusive. Only Leo G., Tony L. and Bill C. have both of their World Series picks alive (mostly thanks to BOS).  Four of us, including me, don’t have either of these selections even in the playoffs (not very expert).

Leo G. and Gus P. lead the standings by virtue of the 10 points they get for correctly selecting Miguel Cabrera as the AL Batting Champ.  Fortunately, no one correctly selected the NL batting leader because as commissioner, in the best interests of our sport, I would have refused to recognize the title now claimed by Jose Reyes. If Roger Maris’ HR record still gets an asterisk, then Reyes’ batting title should forever be categorized under “bush league.”

Stay tuned for more exciting and, I hope, honorable performances in the playoffs.

Leo G. – STL (1), PHI, TEX, DET,  NYY(1), Cabrera  – 21  points

Gus P. – PHI, TEX, NYY (1), Cabrera – 17  points

Pete H. – MIL, PHI, STL, TEX,  NYY (1)  – 13 points

Eric H. – STL (1), PHI, TEX, DET, NYY (1) – 11 points

Bill C. – STL (1), PHI, TEX, NYY – 10 points

Rip L. – MIL, PHI, TEX, NYY (1) – 10 points

Marc W. -  MIL, PHI, DET, NYY (1) – 10 points

Rocky W. – PHI, TEX, TBR – 9 points

Jed M. -  STL (1) PHI, TEX, NYY (1)  – 8 points

Scott R.    -  STL( 1), PHI, TEX, NYY (1) – 8 points

Wade C.- TEX, DET, NYY (1)  – 7 points

Tony L.  – PHI, DET, NYY (1) – 7 points

Tom M.  – PHI, MIL (1) NYY (1) – 5 points

Steve J. – PHI,  NYY (1)  4 points

Rob C.  – MIL – 3 points

Rick G. – PHI (1), NYY (1)  – 2 points

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