That’s why we call him “Mr. President”

October 17, 2011

A man of vision with the courage of his convictions. An unabashed “homer” for the state of Texas and a tireless worker for our firm that resides within its borders.  And the only one of us who correctly picked either team that will compete for the 2011 World Series trophy. How could we not be proud of JW’s president, Wade C.?

Take note, Nolan, you have another Texas executive who believes in what you are doing in Arlington.  Even with a run to the World Series last year and a better-than-advertised off-season (NAP-O-LEE! Cliff who?), Wade was the only one of our 16 experts willing to put the Rangers back in the Fall Classic. That’s the kind of frontier loyalty you, Big Tex, can appreciate (and by the way, do you need any help with your legal work?)

The six points Wade gets for picking the AL champ moves him up a bit in the standings, but Leo still leads.  If the Rangers win the Series, that will give Wade 12 more points and put him in front, but I don’t think he’ll stay there considering his individual picks.  But once again, I must tip my hat to our leader.  Not so long ago we would have questioned his sanity if he picked the Rangers to win the Series (come to think of it, I think I did even this past March).

Leo G. – STL (1), PHI, TEX, DET,  NYY(1), Cabrera  – 21  points

Gus P. – PHI, TEX, NYY (1), Cabrera – 17  points

Pete H. – MIL, PHI, STL, TEX,  NYY (1)  – 13 points

Wade C. – TEX, DET, NYY (1)  – 7 points – TEX (6) 13 points

Eric H. – STL (1), PHI, TEX, DET, NYY (1) – 11 points

Bill C. – STL (1), PHI, TEX, NYY – 10 points

Rip L. – MIL, PHI, TEX, NYY (1) – 10 points

Marc W. -  MIL, PHI, DET, NYY (1) – 10 points

Rocky W. –  PHI, TEX, TBR – 9 points

Jed M. – STL (1) PHI, TEX, NYY (1)  – 8 points

Scott R. -  STL( 1), PHI, TEX, NYY (1) – 8 points

Tony L. – PHI, DET, NYY (1) – 7 points

Tom M. – PHI, MIL (1) NYY (1) – 5 points

Steve J. –  PHI,  NYY (1)  4 points

Rob C. – MIL – 3 points

Rick G.  – PHI (1), NYY (1)  – 2 points