An expert by any other name…

November 28, 2011

I am looking at the spreadsheet of all of our predictions from last April and the name “Gonzalez” appears as a selection 13 times!   Unfortunately,  for Carlos Gonzalez, he did not win the NL MVP or the NL batting title and had to endure a disappointing season for himself and the Rockies.  Even more unfortunate for Adrian Gonzalez, he did not win the AL MVP and also had to endure a historic September meltdown by the Red Sox (he did come close to winning the AL batting title, though).

As it turns out, the most important “Gonzalez” on our spreadsheet was not Cargo or Adrian, but our very own LEO  – paralegal extraordinaire and now acclaimed baseball expert.  Leo’s correct selection of 5 of the playoff teams and two of the individual winners gave him 31 points and a very comfortable 11 point victory over Marc W., who once again finished second in our competition, this time with 20 points.  Gus P. and Tony L. finished tied for third with 17 points.  Special recognition should be given to Tony for now having finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd the past 3 years.  (Is he truly an expert or in a state of perpetual decline?)

Anyway, it was a very strange year, with multiple historic failures and yet many heroic performances.  That made it a very hard year to make accurate predictions (no surprise that none of us picked a pitcher to win the AL MVP award!).

I will save my entire post-season post-mortem for those dark days of January when we really begin counting the days till when pitchers and catchers report.  In the meantime, please join me in congratulating Leo.  An appropriate memento for his title is on the way and I will send out a picture when it is presented to him.

Leo G. – STL (1), PHI, TEX, DET,  NYY(1), Cabrera (10), Verlander (10)  - 31  points

Marc W.-  MIL, PHI, DET, NYY (1) Verlander (10) - 20 points

Gus P.  PHI, TEX, NYY (1), Cabrera – 17  points

Tony L.  – PHI, DET, NYY (1) Verlander (10) - 17 points
Pete H. MIL, PHI, STL, TEX,  NYY (1)  – 13 points

Rob C.  – MIL - Kershaw (10)  – 13 points

Wade C. – TEX, DET, NYY (1)  – 7 points – TEX (6) 13 points
Eric H. – STL (1), PHI, TEX, DET, NYY (1) – 11 points

Bill C. – STL (1), PHI, TEX, NYY – 10 points

Rip L.- MIL, PHI, TEX, NYY (1) – 10 points

Rocky W. – PHI, TEX, TBR – 9 points

Jed M. -  STL (1) PHI, TEX, NYY (1)  – 8 points

Scott R.   -  STL( 1), PHI, TEX, NYY (1) – 8 points

Tom M. – PHI, MIL (1) NYY (1) – 5 points

Steve J.  PHI,  NYY (1)  4 points

Rick G. – PHI (1), NYY (1)  – 2 points