MLB May Days!

May 4, 2012

Yes, believe it or not the calendar has already turned to May, but even more amazing that the days flying by is the likely number of MLB managers and GM’s (not to mention B.A.B.E.S. members) that must be exclaiming “Mayday!” defines this word as “the international radio/telephone distress signal” but I think modern technology (and human nature) require that we add “email, text, satellite phone, scream!” – just any form of communication that conveys panic at the monstrous events of the first 4 weeks of the MLB season.

Whether you picked LAA to win the World Series and/or Albert Pujols to win the AL MVP (that would be 7 of us!), or you picked NYY to win the ALCS and/or WS expecting Mariano Rivera to be there in the 9th as he has like no other closer in MLB history (that would be 5 of you), or whether you picked DET to win the AL Central and the ALCS and/or the WS (like 18 of us did!), these are trying days indeed.

Of course it is early, but already I’ve gotten an inquiry from one B.A.B.E.S member asking me to consider an All-Star Break redo.  Sorry, Gus, but there are no mulligans in baseball! (although last night in the visitors’ locker room at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, we determined that there is, in fact, crying in baseball.)

Take courage!  May will give way to June and July and perhaps the MLB world will return to its expected course, but then we will have the dog days of August and the potential horrors of September…. Ah! The beauty of a sport with a 162 game season.

Sorry for the delay in sending you the picks, but I had a somewhat chaotic April myself.  Please review your picks as listed on the spreadsheet. I encountered some computer glitches, but I believe I have entered them all accurately. If you can substantiate an error (not just a fervent desire to revise history), I will make corrections.