Giants! Killers!

October 28, 2012

They are named the Giants, but they don’t carry the reputation of bullies.  Indeed, in this very space last week I called them David to the Tigers’ Goliath.  But in the 21st and perhaps most unlikely sweep in World Series history, the San Francisco Giants lived up to their franchise nickname and towered over favored Detroit.  With a team personality that exudes joi de vivre and the age of innocence (see Sergio Romo), they can hardly be considered cold-blooded assassins.  Yet, there is no doubt that they embody the traditionally lethal baseball combination of dominant pitching, excellent defense and timely (but only occasionally, power) hitting.  This trio of baseball weapons slayed the Tigers with remarkable ease.  No need to talk of destiny or Divine intervention in this Series.

From the record-tying 3 home-runs in Game 1 by Pablo Sandoval to the title-clinching single by Marco Scutaro (who else could it be?) in the top of the 10th in Game 4, the Giants were in total command of this Series.  With back-to-back shut-outs by a National League club for the first time since 1919 (and does that even count since it was against the Black Sox?), the Giants trailed after only 3 of 37 innings!  The Tigers got only 12 hits and scored only 3 runs over the last 3 games (only 6 runs in the entire Series).  The final out was a classic Goliath moment, with Triple Crown-winner (and likely MVP) Miguel Cabrera frozen at the plate by an apparently unexpected fastball that was called Strike 3.  Was that a baseball glove Sergio Romo was wearing, or a sling-shot?  The cameras turned immediately to the Giants’ second celebratory scrum on the pitcher’s mound in the past 3 years, but had they remained focused on home plate I’m sure we would have seen Cabrera topple over, cold and dead, just like Goliath.

I know I perennially finish near the bottom in our B.A.B.E.S.’ standings, but as I said last Wednesday, I know enough theology to always go with David over Goliath, even when David is dressed in a uniform that reads “GIANTS.”

The Giants’ victory resulted in no change in the B.A.B.E.S. standings.  It all comes down to the voting for AL MVP and Cy Young to decide whether Steve or Tim is the B.A.B.E.S. champion this year.  We’ll know in a few weeks and I will be back to say more about the 2012 season.