Competing for the “Rocky”

The James L. Walker Award (a/k/a, the “Rocky”), is named for Rocky Walker, one of the B.A.B.E.S. founders and a life-long baseball fan.  Rocky died on March 18, 2012, after a five-year battle with cancer.  Please read more about him here:

Joining the competition for the  Rocky is easy.  Just sign-up at the “Follow this blog by Email” widget and then, prior to Opening Day email us at “” with the following 19 selections:

– winner of each MLB division and the four wild card teams (10),

– each league pennant winner (2),

– the World Series champ (1).

– MVP, batting champ and Cy Young Winner for each league (6).

Points are awarded as follows:

3 points for correct selections of division winners and wild cards (possible 30 points)

[1 point for picking a division winner that takes the wild card and vice versa]

6 points each for correct selection of NL and AL pennant winners (possible 12 points)

12 points for correct selection of the World Series champion

10 points for each correct selection of individual awards (possible 60 points)

A perfect score is 114.


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