World Baseball Classic – 2013

The Third Tri-Annual World Baseball Classic begins March 2 and concludes March 19, 2013.  Twelve teams qualified to compete in the three round tournament.  The First Round will consist of four pools competing in a Round Robin format with two teams from each pool advancing to the next round.  Please make your 13 selections as directed below and email them before March 1 to  Visit the official WBC website in order to review the team rosters and other information:

First Round Selections: – 2 points for each correct selection (possible 16 points)

2 teams from pool A: Japan, Brazil, Cuba, China (played in Fukuoka, Japan)

2 teams from Pool B: Australia, Chinese Taipai, Korea, Netherlands (played in Taichung, Taiwan)

2 teams from Pool C: Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain (played in San Juan, Puerto Rico)

2 teams from Pool D: Italy, Mexico, Canada, United States (played in Phoenix, AZ)

Second Round Selections –  5 points each (possible 20 points):

The Second Round will be a modified double elimination with the two teams advancing through the winner’s bracket assured of a spot in the Championship Round.  The two teams emerging from the loser’s bracket will also reach the Championship Round.

2 teams from your Pool A and B First Round selections (played in Tokyo, Japan)

2 teams from you Pools C and D selections (played in Miami, FL)

Championship Round Selection – Possible 12 points

Seeding for the final round will be determined by the winners of the Second Round brackets. Winner of Pool A/B will play runner-up from Pool C/D, and vice versa, in a single-elimination Semi-Finals. The winners will play a single game for the championship.

One winner from your Second Round Selections (played in San Francisco, CA)

Perfect Score – 48 points


WINNER:  Walter Stone: 32 points (.667)
Rd. 1) Japan(2), Cuba(2);  Chinese Taipei(2), Korea; Venezuela, Dominican Republic (2); Mexico, USA (2)
Rd. 2) Japan (5), Cuba; USA, Dominican Republic (5)
Winner: Dominican Republic (12)

1st RUNNER-UP – Jack Rose: 30 points (.625)

Rd. 1)  China, Japan(2); Korea, Nederlands(2); Venezuela, Dominican Republic (2); USA (2), Canada
Rd. 2) Nederlands (5), China;  Dominican Republic (5), USA
Winner: Dominican Republic (12)
2d RUNNER-UP – Scott Rose: 23 points (.479)
Rd.1) Japan(2), China; Korea, Netherlands(2); Venezuela; Dominican Rep (2); USA (2), Mexico
Rd. 2) Japan (5), Netherlands (5); Venezuela, Dominican Rep. (5)
Winner: Venezuela
Matt Bardwell: 22 points
Rd. 1) Japan(2), Cuba(2); Korea, Chinese Taipai(2); Dominican Republic  (2), Puerto Rico (2); USA (2), Canada
Rd. 2) Japan (5), Cuba; USA, Dominican Republic (5)
Winner: Japan
Bruce Ruzinsky: 22 points
Rd. 1) Japan(2), Cuba(2); Chinese Taipai(2), Korea; Dominican Republic (2), Puerto Rico (2); Mexico, USA (2)
Rd. 2) Japan (5), Cuba; Dominican Republic (5), USA
Winner: USA
Gus Pompa: 15 points

Rd. 1) Japan (2), Cuba (2); Korea , Netherlands (2); Venezuela, Dominican Republic ( 2); USA (2), Mexico

Rd. 2) Japan (5), Cuba; USA and Venezuela


Tony Liccione:  15 points

Rd. 1) Cuba (2), Japan (2) Korea, Netherlands (2); Venezuela, DR (2);    Mexico, USA (2)

Rd 2) Netherlands (5), Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico

Winner: Cuba


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